Damages from Hurrican Claudette in Port O'Connor
     On Tuesday morning, July 15, 2003, around 10:00 a.m., Hurricane Claudette began displaying its awesome power to the residents of the mid Texas coast in Calhoun and surrounding counties. Although weather professionals claimed it carried 85 mph sustained winds, many residents of Port O'Connor and Seadrift clocked it at between 104 and 111 mph.
     Many folks were fortunate enough to suffer little or no damage. But some folks were not as fortunate. There was much more damage than what is displayed here. As of Monday, July 21st, some places throughout the surrounding area are still without power and some continue to remain without water.
    The following are pictures collected of affected areas. If anyone else has photos or facts about any area or town that was affected by the hurricane and they would like to share please contact me at pam @ coastaltexas.com. All photos shared will be credited to their owner, or left anonymous if you prefer.
    This picture gallery of Hurricane Claudette is a work in progress. New pictures and/or information will be added as more folks share. New images added 8-12-03 for Port O'Connor.
    Update: 8-15-03.  New section on Port Alto added.

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Damages caused from Hurricane Claudette on Palacios     Effects of a direct hit from Hurricane Claudette on Port Alto     Effects of a direct hit from Hurricane Claudette on Port O'Connor  |Pg 2 | Pg 3 | Pg 4 | Pg 5