On Tuesday morning, July 15, 2003, around 10:00 a.m., Hurricane Claudette began displaying its awesome power to the residents of the coastal town of Port O'Connor, TX. Although weather sources claimed it carried 85 mph winds, several local residents clocked it at between 104 and 111 mph.
     A voluntary evacuation was called for prior to landfall but most Port O'Connor residents chose to "ride it out". My family was amongst those who chose to stay.  It was an experience that was both fascinating and fearful.
     Many folks were fortunate enough to suffer little or no damage. But some folks were not as fortunate. There was much more damage than what my sister and I took pictures of. As of Monday, July 21st, many places throughout the surrounding area were still without power and some continue to remain without water.
     Click on the thumbnail images to see an enlarged view of any picture. It will open in it's own window. Be sure and check out the last page as new pictures have been added.
     If anyone else has photos or facts about any area or town that was affected by the hurricane and they would like to share please contact me.

New images added 8-12-03

All photos on this page taken by Pam Stryker

Front Beach
Front beach before the eye came across.
Front Beach
Front beach before the eye came across.
Water over road
Tide water over road at boggy.
Water over road by the little jetties
Tide water over road at little jetties.
Travel trailer crushed
Travel trailer crushed
Part of mobile home washes away in rushing storm surge
Part of mobile home washes away in rushing storm surge.
Local school damage
POC Elementary walkway cover destroyed.
Front Beach Pier Destroyed
Front beach pier began breaking up during the south side of the hurricane.
Water receeded.
Water receded during the eye.
Fishing Center loses porch roof
Fishing Center loses roof. Dock flooded.
Debris damages other structures
Debris flung from a destroyed boat stall causes damage to a house.
House damaged.
This house stood undamaged during the first half of the hurricane. When the winds changed the house began breaking apart.
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