Hurricane Claudette hits Port O'Connor

Water Vortexes

More vortexes on the flood water
Photo by Ron Howard
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Vortexes lifting water from 2nd storm surge
Photo by Ron Howard

Overturned building
Building overturned.
Photo by Pam Stryker
My sister's garage
My sister's garage.  Looks like something got hungry and took a bite out of it.
Photo by Becky Haynes
House lost roof
This house lost a good chunk of it's roof.
Photo by Pam Stryker
Pier intact.
The pier during the first half of the hurricane.
Photo by unknown
Pier after hurricane
The pier after the water calmed back down.
Photo by Pam Stryker
The winds begin
The winds begin to blow at my sister, Becky's, house.
Photo by Becky Haynes
Some of the damage in my neighborhood
More damage in my neighborhood.
Photo by Pam Stryker
Mobile home reduced to rubble
One of the mobile homes that was reduced to rubble.
Photo by Pam Stryker
Winds from the north
At Becky's, first half of storm, wind beginning to bend and break trees.
Photo by Becky Haynes
From the south
Same trees as the winds begin to come from the other direction.
Photo by Becky Haynes
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